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All work and no play definitely makes summer dull, and today’s Green Deals are here to both help speed up the necessities so you can jump into the fun and go! Leading the pack is the Rad Power Mother’s Day sale that is offering up to $300 off e-bikes, as well as free extra batteries, and even discounts on a particular accessory for your smaller passengers – starting from $1,399. It is joined by both the return of the Husqvarna 24-inch Hedge Master Cordless Electric Trimmer to $240, as well as the Rachio 3rd Gen Smart 4-Zone Sprinkler Controller to $99. Plus, more hangover Green Deals still alive and well.

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Rad Power Bikes has launched its Mother’s Day sale through May 15 that is taking up to $300 off three of its e-bikes, while also giving you a free extra battery along with two of the three specific models. Leading the pack is the RadWagon 4 Cargo e-bike for $1,599 shipped. Down from its new $1,799 price tag since the company lowered prices across its lineup of models, we’ve seen this particular model at lower rates only twice in the past – once over the last summer when it dropped to $1,399 and during its pre-order launch sale when we saw it dropped to $1,299 (which it has never returned to). This is the third-lowest price overall and the second-lowest price we’ve seen since it was released, matching Black Friday rates but with the added bonus of a free extra battery – valued at $500 – giving you $700 in total savings. Just be sure to add both items to your cart to score the battery for free with your purchase.

Rad Power’s RadWagon 4 Cargo e-bike sports a 750W motor working alongside a 672Wh capacity battery that propels the e-bike up to 20 MPH top speeds for up to 45+ miles (doubled with your extra battery) on a single charge. You’ll have five levels of pedal assistance to choose from, supported by its 12-magnet cadence sensor, with a half-twist throttle for pure electric action as well. Other notable features include custom 22-inch by 3-inch tires, fenders for both tires, a water-resistant wiring harness, a 200-lumen headlight, an integrated taillight with brake light functionality, an integrated rear storage rack, and a backlit LCD display for real-time performance data and settings control – plus it even has a USB port to charge your devices while riding.

You’ll also find Rad Power’s RadRunner Plus Utility e-bike sitting at $1,599 as well, down from $1,799 and coming with the same free extra battery deal. This model shares much of the same features as the above model, including the USB port on the display, but still with a few slight differences. Sporting the same motor, battery, speed, mileage (doubled), and normal pedal assist levels – this one comes with a bonus zero level for manual pedaling. Its taillights have the added ability to go into flash mode for more obvious illumination at night or when parking, and it has an included 7-speed Shimano derailleur for when you go manual.

The third offer in this sale is on the RadCity 5 Plus Commuter e-bike for $1,399, down from $1,699 – and yes, this is the model that does not benefit from the extra battery portion of the sale. The main difference between this model and the RadRunner Plus (aside from the obvious frame designs) is the extended 50-mile range it gets on a single charge, the slimmer 28-inch by 2-inch tires, and the lack of any USB port for device charging needs.

This Mother’s Day sale will continue through May 15, with the free battery discount being applied automatically when both your preferred e-bike model and the battery are added to your cart. And if you plan to ever take any small children along with you for the ride, Rad Power is also offering 20% off the Thule Yepp Maxi Child Seat that is designed for children from 9 months to 6 years old.

Husqvarna 24-inch Hedge Master Cordless Electric Trimmer now at $240 low

Amazon is offering the Husqvarna 24-inch Hedge Master Cordless Electric Trimmer for $239.99 shipped. Down from its usual $320 price tag, this model has seen three major discounts and a handful of minor ones since the start of the new year, with the biggest of them seeing the first drop to the new $240 low back in March. Today’s deal comes in as a repeat $80 markdown off the going rate that returns costs to the all-time lowest price we have tracked.

Powered by a 40V battery that is compatible across the company’s line of handheld tools, this hedge trimmer model sports a brushless motor with high torque to weight ratio that ensures “increased efficiency, increased reliability, reduced noise and longer product life.” It has a 24-inch reach paired with tri-handle grips that allow you to comfortably tackle heavy-duty jobs trimming branches up to 1-inch thick – and you don’t have to fear the blades jamming up either thanks to its convenient un-jam button that opens the blades up for easy clearing.

Other notable Husqvarna discounts:

Rachio’s 3rd Gen Smart 4-Zone Sprinkler Controller returns to $99 low

Amazon is offering the Rachio 3rd Gen: Smart 4-Zone Sprinkler Controller for $99 shipped. Down from its $150 price tag, we saw the price bouncing between its MSRP and $100 for the first three months of the new year – beating out Black Friday’s former low by less than one dollar. It wasn’t until last month that we saw it drop to the new $99 low for the first time, with today’s deal coming in to repeat the trend as a 34% markdown off the going rate that returns costs to the all-time lowest price we have tracked. Every yard and garden has different needs, so why wouldn’t you want to tailor your sprinkler or irrigation system to your flora’s specific necessities? With this device, not only will your yard and gardens be vibrant and beautiful, but your water costs will shrink too. It features exclusive weather recognition technology that is programmed to automatically skip unnecessary watering during and after inclement weather, with functions like rain skip, wind skip, freeze skip, and more. It comes ready to use out of the box, with no extra charges or app subscription fees, and you’ll be able to manage everything from the convenience of your phone through the easy-to-use app.

There are a few variations of the above deal for those with larger yards or extra needs. You can increase your coverage with the 8-Zone Sprinkler Controller for $159, down from $230. There is also a 16-Zone Controller that is available for $249, down from $300. And if you want added protection for the controller boxes, there are Waterproof Outdoor Enclosures available for $32 too, down from $40. While the above sprinkler controllers do offer you simple smart controls over your sprinkler and irrigation systems, if you want to take it a step further and have complete control over your water supply as it comes from your spigot, you’ll need to pair any of them alongside the Smart Hose Timer for $78, down from $100 – or you can use it on its own with your regular hose setup, no sprinkler system needed.

Spring e-bike deals!

Other new Green Deals landing this week

The savings this week are also continuing to a collection of other markdowns. To the same tune as the offers above, these all help you take a more energy-conscious approach to your routine. Winter means you can lock in even better off-season price cuts on electric tools for the lawn while saving on EVs and tons of other gear.

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