Rivian starts shipping NACS adapters for Tesla’s Supercharger network

Rivian has promised free NACS adapters will be sent out to its owners, and it’s starting that process now.

Rivian officially got access to Tesla’s Supercharger network last month, but in order to use it, non-Tesla cars need an adapter. Most other EVs come with a CCS plug, but Tesla’s plug is now called NACS, after it opened its charge standard in 2022.

Third party adapters have been available, but several of the automakers that have announced they’re switching to NACS have committed to sending out adapters to owners as soon as they’re available. We saw the Rivian adapter design leaked in February.

So far, Ford and Rivian have Supercharger access, with GM, Polestar and Volvo coming this spring, and others coming later. Tesla previously announced that GM would get access in February, so we imagine that is coming imminently (we heard reports on social media today that GM adapters are now available, but GM communications told us that those reports are not accurate, and that they will be available “later this year”).

In February, Ford did start sending out adapters, becoming the first automaker to do so. This is fitting, given that Ford was the first domino that led to basically the entire industry adopting NACS.

However, delivery of Ford adapters has been a little slow, with delivery estimates being pushed back by Ford.

Now, Rivian is becoming the second automaker to send out adapters.

Rivian owners have started to receive emails from the automaker asking for their shipping address, according to a thread on rivianforums.com. The original poster has a low VIN number, as do some other forum users who got the email, so we imagine they might be high on the list, with other owners with higher VINs getting their emails soon.

The email states:

Hi there,

Good news! Your complimentary NACS DC adapter is ready to be shipped. Please follow the link below to let us know your preferred delivery address within 60 days of receiving this email.

Please Note: Unfortunately, we cannot support shipping to PO Boxes or any addresses that are outside the United States or Canada at this time.

So – if you’re a Rivian owner, keep your eyes on your email, because it sounds like adapter shipping is imminent (and make sure you’ve responded to the April 4 email to opt-in to receiving the adapter).

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