Someone tried to smuggle two Tesla Cybertrucks into Russia

The Lithuanian customs have detained two Tesla Cybertrucks, which they suspect were going to be smuggled into Russia.

Lithuanian customs announced on their Facebook page that they seized the two Cybertruck electric pickup trucks at the Salčininku checkpoint going into Belarus:

EU restrictions on Russia include vehicles, and authorities in Europe have been ramping up their efforts to enforce the restrictions as they found that every other vehicle worth more than 50,000 euros going through Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Uzbekistan last year ended up in Russia.

That’s why the two Cybertrucks, which aren’t even available in Europe right now, raised a red flag when they attempted to go to Belarus.

We previously reported on several early Cybertruck buyers trying to flip their electric pickup trucks.

Tesla currently sells only two versions of the Cybertruck: the $100,000 dual motor Foundations Series Cybertruck and the $120,000 Cyberbeast Foundation Series.

At first, several Cybertruck flippers managed to get more than $200,000, but the price quickly went down as Tesla delivered more vehicles.

Now, there are over 4,000 Cybertrucks on US roads

Electrek’s Take

I feel like there’s a very disappointed rich Russian oligarch somewhere in the world today.

Not only you need to be rich by most standards to get a Cybertruck in the first place, you need to have a lot of money to buy one being flipped, and you need to be stupid rich or not care at all to get a Cybertruck in Russia, where Tesla has no service whatsoever.

I think there’s already some Cybertruck fatigue in the US with now over 4,000 trucks on the road and every other celebrity having one, but I can see how this would be appealing to rich people halfway around the world.

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